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  • bismac company newsbismac company newsStudents and teachers of the “School of Light” estatic and happy


    An email-story entitled "School of Light" started to circulate in the Internet. It was inspired by the "School of Light"- a collective nickname assigned by the email sender to 3 Antipolo schools - Libis,Canumay and San Ysiro - for being deeply inspiring in showing us the best kind of light- quite ironic since all 3 schools are powered only by day and candlelight.

    In two days after the email-story was first sent, a summer story of light began. Word spread and hands reached out. In three weeks, enough were collected in cash and in kind, to provide for the school supplies of all 395 Grades 1 to 6 students of the 3 schools for a year. There were also boxes of books, food for the no-harvest months, teaching and art materials, a complete encyclopedia set for each school and even a bike for Roden-shined by the donor and accompanied by a helmet and extra rubber interior. There were even special token gifts for each of the teachers like special decorative candles and bags.

    The special mountain delivery to the School of Light happened anonymously but most sincerely.The teachers were simply told that strangers somehow heard of their story and decided to send the delivery through their "light crew." Upon seeing 2 full trucks of supplies, the teachers could not find the words to express their gratitude at how "strangers" had come together to reach out to them. They were told that the gifts were not charity but a tribute to their extraordinary way of living and teaching "our" kids with all that they are.

    This page is made with gratitude for those who took part in such an extraordinarily swift and responsive work. Here, we pay tribute to the power of quiet work, to the need and right to learn, to the deep pockets of hope and inspiration in us all and most of all, to the profound reminder of what "light" is really for.